Feeding: two strokes
Rods: demiblock Release: front trigger with French stecher and direct rear
Closing: double Greener (Kersten)
Batteries: Holland & Holland type
Repeat system: subsequent and single loading (manual)
Percussion: Indirect
Extractor: simple or automatic on the left on the upper barrel and on the right on the lower barrel
Sight: foldable notch at 100 meters
Safe: backbone recessed with interception of the triggers
Woods: selected Turkish walnut
Butt: on the back of wild boar with Bavarian cheek or straight with Holland & Holland cheek
Handle: pistol
Rod: in three pieces
Weight: according to the caliber
Versions: all the customized arrangements can be obtained from the standard version. 


12 – 6,5×57 R 12 – 7×65 R 12 – 270 Winchester 20 – 5,6×50 R Magnum
20 – 5,6×50 R Magnum 20 – 20