Farquharson 04



Supply: a single shot
Rifle: round – round with full sights – octagonal with full sights
Shot: direct o French-style stecher
Closure: falling block
Repetition system: repeating and single lever loading
Percussion: indirect
Puller: simple lever
Sights: fixed notch at 50 meters or three folding leaves 50-75-100 meters
Safe: lateral with dog rifle interception
Woods: selected Turkish walnut
Butt: right with cheek type Holland & Holland
Handle: pistol
Dipstick: with rounded tip – with black bone coating
Weight: caliber based
Version: from the standard version all the customized fittings can be obtain


17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire 10mm AUTO 223 Remington 5,6×50 R Magnum
22-250 Winchester 243 Winchester 6,5×57 R 7×65 R 7 Remington Magnum
7×75 R Vom Hofe 308 Whinchester 8×57 JRS 9,3×74 R 30 R Blaser
300 Holland&Holland Magnum 300 Weatherby Magnum 375 Flanget Magnum N.e. 375 Holland&Holland Magnum 404 Jeffery
470 Nitro Express 475 Nitro Express N°2 3½ 450/400 Magnum N.e. 3¼ 500 Nitro Express 3″ 600 Nitro Express