Concari’s Special Models

On this website you can choose the action of your type of hunting or shooting. Each action is produced both right and left handed. You can find available the various features and calibers of our actions. All the processes and finishes of the actions are produced in our company except the tempering of the mechanisms. We have been producing Systemauser actions for several years with a complete line of actions for all the requests of our customers.

Take Down

n order to solve the customer's problems, the Takedown offers a rifle in various calibers with interchangeable bushes and a mechanism that keeps the tightness and precision of the Original Mauser unchanged.

With Charger

ystem Mauser innovation Concari maintains the traditional line of action of the Mauser model. It greatly improves the fluidity of the repetition of the shots, which remain aligned with the cartridge chamber. The stroke holder is extracted from a single steel block and produced without welding. The spring contained in the magazine has a shape and strength equal to that in the original tank boxes. The tank plate was kept to leave the traditional line of the rifle.

Old Line

esearching the original lines of the old Mauser rifles, this line of System Mauser Concari was identified with the two bridges obtained from full movement. The rest of the Old Line action is identical to the others. This mechanism can be combined with the Take - Down line and with charger.

Calibri Rimmed

t is an effective system characterized by an inclined tank box to ensure that the shots are contained in an optimal way avoiding repetitive problems. The mechanism can be combined with the Old Line and designed for a rifle with Rimmed calibers.(es. 5,6 x 50 R Magnum).